Sunday, February 26, 2012

Thermomix Menu Plans - 27th February

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Okay, I'm keeping this short and sweet again today - just a basic plan of the main meals we're having this week. I do post pictures and recipes throughout the week on my Quirky Cooking Facebook Page, so pop over there if you're looking for breakfast, lunch and snacktime inspiration... And now and then I get a recipe posted here on my blog! (Sadly, not as often as I'd like to these days.) Here's a few of the photos that I've posted lately on my facebook page... As you can see, I'm having fun with my iPhone and Instagram!

Grain free pizza topped with chicken salad

(Pizza base based on this recipe, but I made my own almond flour from blanched almonds, ground up in the Thermomix, and added some potato flour (because it was a bit wet), as well as onion powder, herb salt, rosemary, eggs, baking powder & olive oil. Thin and crispy!)

Grain free carrot cake muffins with
cashew-banana-coconut smoothies

(Muffins made with pecans, almonds, eggs, coconut butter, young coconut meat, grated carrot, spices, etc - recipe coming!)

Grain free, dairy free 'cheesey' zucchini & cannelini bean fritters

(Shallow fried in coconut oil & ghee - recipe coming)

Turkey mince meatballs in baby cos lettuce 'wraps'
for kid's lunches

(This is their favourite school lunch for their one day at school! Keeps cool in their lunchboxes with a small cold brick. Meatballs can be steamed in Varoma.)

(Click on link for recipe. Quick and easy Varoma meal, served on quinoa which cooks at the same time.)

My quick spelt bread recipe (Wholemeal Spelt Challah)

(We are trying to keep grains to a minimum, but now and then we have a little spelt or gluten free bread for a treat. This one is finished within an hour, from grinding the grain to slicing it up!)

So what's on your menu this week? I'd love it if you'd link your menu to this post - it's great to get inspiration from each other! A lot of people find it hard to decide what to make for dinner each night, so let's help each other out with some new ideas. It's no fun getting stuck in a rut - try something different this week! Here's our plan for the week...

Vietnamese Fish Curry (tmx - serving with steamed cabbage strips instead of sticky rice - cutting down on grains, and only having rice now and then, and then usually having brown rice)

Salmon & Brown Rice Casserole (prepared in tmx) with green salad

Beef & veg bolognese sauce with steamed eggplant (tmx - bolognese sauce cooking in Thermomix bowl while eggplant steams on top)

Healthy Fried Chicken Strips with Salad (tmx)

Stir fried beef & veges (tmx) with mung bean vermicelli

Baked sweet potatoes, salmon fishcakes with homemade mayo (tmx), green salad

Baked honey-mustard chicken, salads (tmx)

Don't forget to link your menu up too!
Here's how: Thermomix Menu Plans.

I hope you all have a great week! And remember, take time to stop and smell the roses. (Or in my case, the green grass and cows. Lol!)

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